"Of, By, and For The People"

Our congress is dominated by partisan politics and special interests. Join me and our movement to put the American people first.

I am dedicated to uniting the American people, prioritizing the country before party politics, protecting civil liberties, and pledging allegiance to America, not any other nation.

Our Congress is compromised. Lobbying and special interests inject billions of dollars to steer legislative policies in their favor, to the detriment of the American people.

The atrocities unfolding every day before our eyes in Gaza have made very clear the power these campaign contributions have over our elected representatives. Millions of dollars are pouring into re-election campaigns in support of a foreign government, a disservice to our country and their oath. Our representatives readily commit our tax dollars and diplomatic support for the continuation of clear violations of international law.

Our civil liberties are foundational to a thriving democracy and I will seek to protect those without compromise. I support investing in public education, allowing our educational professionals to teach our children to be independent critical thinkers and problem solvers. I support investing in our crumbling infrastructure which has been starved of vital funding through unsustainable tax cuts and loopholes enjoyed by large corporations, while we shoulder the true costs. I recognize and support the vital role of local, small businesses in our communities. I support a woman's right to choose. I will seek diplomatic solutions to conflicts and work to stop the cycle of endless war.

This is America first. This is putting people before politics. This is what a government “Of, By, and For The People” was intended to be.

As an Independent, in a closely divided congress, my vote will be pivotal for all legislative efforts. I will always put my constituents and country first. I pledge to only accept individual contributions, ensuring my independence from special interests.